Say Hello to PRIMA, Challenges for leisure climbing !

Say Hello to PRIMA, Challenges for leisure climbing !

How may you optimize your unused space in order to increase your revenues ?


You may be a manager of either a Clip ‘n Climb center, a trampoline park or a leisure center. Yet, you all want to grow your revenue. To do so, you need to welcome more clients. You may have some unused spaces in your facility, and you may be wondering how you could turn these spaces into cash-generating ones. The aim of this new article is to share with you new ideas for this.


1. Have you heard about Prima ? 您是否有听说过PRIMA 吗?

Spend less and increase the fun, setting your facilities apart with Prima, the latest innovative concept from Clip ‘n Climb. This simple, starter climbing investment is easy to integrate, with compact, basic challenges, designed to engage and catch the eye. Prima offers a great way to introduce climbing to your customers.


Designed for starter climbers, these new, compact, slim challenges, are guaranteed to make your centre stand out. There are 14 challenges to choose from and five fresh, geometric graphics.


Mix and match combinations with retrofit graphics to create a new and unique look for your leisure environment. Easy to clean, and with a slim design to benefit smaller spaces, Prima includes articulated mats, access ropes, TRUBLUE autobelays, an optional top out button and a full warranty.


2. Ascendor

This three-dimensional ladder is particularly appealing to beginners and young children due to its colorful aesthetics and accessible climb. The small footprint area makes Ascendor a Challenge that can easily be installed in existing centres who are looking to add something new or small centres looking to maximise the space.


Due to its small size and the possibility to have two climbers at the same time the Challenge also has a great price-quality ratio. Ascendor is a dual challenge with two different climbing difficulties on one side the steps are closer to each other and the other further away. This aspect makes it a great Challenge for families.


If you are not sure of what use you could make of your unused spaces, you are welcome to contact us !