The QUICKjump “free fall” device gives users an exhilarating sensation of free fall, while comfortably lowering them to the ground.

  • A descent at constant speed: The self-regulating braking system provides minimal variation in the speed of descent for a child or an adult.
  • A high return on a small investment: QUICKjump is a very cost-effective device as it retracts quickly and very safely, resulting in a higher throughput than other free fall devices. The maximum capacity of the standard QUICKjump device is one person every 40 seconds, or 90 people per hour
  • quickjump-comp-blueoutThe absence of any wear parts makes it highly reliable: Contactless magnetic technology prevents rubbing and premature wear in the system.
  • Two versions are available:
    • QUICKjump: up to 12.5m in height and the option to integrate a 1.5m RipCord(elastic webbing) for even more thrills.
    • QUICKjump XL: Up to 19.5m in height and the option to integrate a 1.5m or 3m RipCord (elastic webbing) for even more thrills.

Entre-Prises Asia has its own HeadRush certified service centre, enabling us to guarantee the highest standards of service and safety on the market for TRUBLUE, QUICKjump and ZipSTOP products.