Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, Japan

Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, Japan

Let’s make History !

For the first time in History, the Olympic Games will host sport climbing competition ! So, EP – as an official wall supplier for IFSC – got contacted in order to deliver a design proposal. For this design proposal, all the hubs were consulted through an internal design competition. Out of all the designs submitted by the different hubs, one design got selected by EP directors for submission. The philosophy of this design was to create a sense of continuity between the lead, boulder and speed walls. In addition, as you can notice, the design echoes with the Olympic Flame. In conclusion, EP got selected for supplying the climbing walls for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, which makes the whole EP team proud ! This event will include 3 disciplines of climbing and award overall winners with combined highest scores for males and females.

Sport Climbing Field Of Play Includes:

Bouldering Wall:Approximately 18ft tall by 80ft wide. These walls are ready for EP Volumes and route-setters will create technical climbs where athlets have a specific amount of time to try each bouldering problem.

Lead Climbing Wall:Approximately 53 ft tall by 30 ft. wide. This is a roped climbing event to portray endurance. Once each climber is on the specific climbing route, when they come off, they are done and judged by the height achieved and secondarily by the time it took to reach that height.

IFSC Official Speed Climbing Wall:Approximately 53 ft tall by 20 ft. wide. These are side by side climbing lanes, with hand holds set exactly the same. Athletes use quickness, agility and muscle memory to burst to the top of the climbing wall lanes to hit the top out and stop the clock. This is a head to head thrill to watch and will bring a new enthusiasm to the world stage in our sport.

Year2020DimensionsLead, speed: 15.5m high

Boulder: 4.5m high

FacilityEvent siteClimbable surface473 sqm
EquipmentLead, boulder, speed wallsClimbers profileAthletes