Raffles’ Girls School, Singapore

Raffles’ Girls School, Singapore

1. A new climbing wall for RGS school

We recently completed the installation of a lead climbing wall at the RGS school, in Singapore. Therefore, this climbing wall opens new training possibilities for students, under the supervision of their sports teachers. In addition, having a diversified offer of sports equipment is one of the key points when students select a school. It shows the school’s educational range of possibilities. It also ensures students who practice a given sport that they will be able to continue to practice, within their school. EP’s mission is to bring climbing to everyone, and RGS school trusted EP to design and install this climbing wall in the gymnasium of their school. More and more schools adopt sport climbing in their sports program, and this is how nations may also build the next future athletes !

2. The educational values of sport climbing

Sport climbing embodies several values that are in line with what schools may want to teach their students. Firstly, before climbing, careful analysis of the climbing route is necessary in order to plan correctly the moves. This skill can be used in many other situations in life and work: instead of rushing, step back to think and plan. While climbing the wall, adaptation is key. Indeed, the moves may not work as planned, and climbers will need to re-adapt on the wall. This adaptation skill can obviously be used in many situations, as well. To list more social skills, we could mention that – the same way as it is with other sports – climbing also encourages team spirit when belaying, and perseverance because it is rare when a climber tops a route within one single try. The main difference is that climbing is one of the sole sports that is practiced vertically and dealing with the sense of height is thrilling for everyone.

Year2020DimensionsLead: 15.5m high
FacilitySchoolClimbable surface86 sqm
EquipmentLead / top-rope wallClimbers profileStudents (beginners, intermediate)