Jakarta City Climbing Walls, Indonesia

Jakarta City Climbing Walls, Indonesia

1. Jakarta preparing for the future of sport climbing

Indonesia hosted the Asian Games 2018, in both Palembang and Jakarta. Sport climbing was among the disciplines, and EP got selected to design and build the sport climbing walls in Palembang. Indonesia has now qualified athlets, to quote but one: Aries Susanti Rahayu, known as “spiderwoman” thanks to her amazing performance in speed climbing. As a consequence, the country needed to have high-quality climbing walls so that their athlets could train in the best conditions, for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. Yet, the athlets needed to access such climbing walls in Jakarta. EP, together with our partner P.T. DATRA INTERNUSA, have worked towards fulfilling this need.

2. More than 2,100 sqm of walls over six new sites

In order to meet athlets’ needs, the city of Jakarta came with the ambitious project of erecting climbing walls over six sites in Jakarta. One of the sites, Jakarta International Climbing Wall Park, hosts more than 700 sqm of lead, boulder and speed climbing walls. It counts six speed walls lanes, and is the largest climbing wall facility in Indonesia. It is dedicated to training and competitions. Indeed, the speed walls are IFSC certified. In addition, the lead and boulder walls are designed in line with IFSC requirements for international competitions. The five other sites host, each one, from ~260 sqm to ~300 sqm of climbing walls, including lead, boulder and speed. These five other installations are either open to public, or for education purposes.

As a conclusion, one thing is for sure: Jakarta is the first city in ASEAN to take such a bold step towards mass adoption of climbing walls, to serve a multi-level purpose: bring climbing to everyone, in line with EP’s mission, from athlets to beginners. As a result, it is fair to say that Indonesia is ahead and that it will grow even further as an outstanding sport climbing nation !


LocationIndonesiaTechnologyMozaiK XP
Year2020Dimensions JGCLead: 324sqm; Speed: 282sqm; Boulder: 135sqm
FacilityEvent site, School, Public sites, StadiumOther sitesLead: 106 x 2 – 141 x 3 sqm; Speed: 93 sqm x 5; Boulder: 63 – 68 sqm
EquipmentLead, boulder, speed wallsClimbers profileJGC: Athlets, Other sites: public, students…