Head Rush TRUBLUE service centre

All auto belay devices must undergo an annual service to ensure they comply with safety standards and to extend their warranty.

The Entre-Prises service centre has been approved by HeadRush.


Before sending us your TRUBLUE, QUICKjump or ZipSTOP devices, please remove all carabiners, webbing, spikes, etc.

We will routinely replace all straps or other parts subject to rubbing (nozzle, cover, etc.) if they are considered to be damaged or excessively worn.

All TRUBLUE, QUICKjump and ZipSTOP devices must be sent to our approved service centre before the date shown on the device. As mentioned above, an annual service must be carried out to maintain the device’s warranty and compliance. For servicing more than 30 days beyond the service date, an additional cost will be charged.

Your device will be out of use for between 5 and 10 days depending on availability in our workshop.

Online request:

You can also contact us via this online form: Contact Head Rush service centre.

TRUBLUE Autobelay Service Centre Asia:

Entre Prises (Huizhou)Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
A4/A5 Building, Dabang Industry Park, Changbu village Xinxu town, Huiyang District, Huizhou, Guangdong, China 516223