Sport & gym centers


As a sport or gym center, you need to offer a diversified training experience in order to keep your customers loyal to your facility. Climbing provides an holistic training of all muscle groups thanks to a wide range of techniques that Entre-Prises walls enable to explore.

Climber profile

  • Age: Teenager to Adult
  • Discipline: Sport
  • Standard: Beginner to Intermediate



  • MONKEY Space, our fully modular and innovative training space


  • Printed or textured graphics to showcase the school’s logo
  • Articulated slabs to tailor the difficulty to the climber profile – Ideally suited to beginners
  • Premium anchor points to reduce the risk of fingers becoming trapped or injured

Holds and accessories

  • TRUBLUE auto belays to increase instruction options for teachers and offer a fun introduction to climbing for students.
  • Recommended numbers of holds: An average of 7 holds per sqm
  • Recommended numbers of macros:
    • Competition area: 1 macro per line
    • Beginner area: 1 macro to every 2 lines


TRUBLUE Maintenance : to be carried out annually

Examples of recent projects:

  • Kaiza, China

    Leisure, Asia

  • Hong-Kong Climbing Park

    Sport, MOZAIK, Asia

  • Xi’An Liverpool, China

    Education, MOZAIK, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Clip ‘n Climb Xiamen, China

    Leisure, Asia

  • Fundoland SJZ, China

    Leisure, Asia

  • Beihang Uni, China

    Education, MOZAIK, Asia

  • Abu Luohu, China

    Sport, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Amanpuri, Thailand

    Leisure, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Yersin French School, Vietnam

    Education, MOZAIK, Asia

  • British School JKT, Indonesia

    Education, MOZAIK, Asia

  • Chengchi University, Taiwan

    Education, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Asian Games 2018, Indonesia

    Competition, MOZAIK XP, Asia