Professional training center


Training climbing walls aim to replicate real operational conditions (from natural rock to building facades) for an optimal training environment. In addition, our Monkey Space and artificial caves extends the training range you can offer to your forces. Our clients range from police stations, to military facilities and firemen stations. These climbing walls are designed to cater different types of training: climbing, belaying and rescue techniques, teamwork, and more. Entre-Prises is proud to work closely with many organisations worldwide, and to deliver bespoke solutions that match the specific requirements of each structure.

Climber profile

  • Age: Adult to Senior
  • Discipline: Professional
  • Standard: Beginner to Expert



  • A varied design (slab, vertical wall, slight overhang) that offers a variety of types of climbing and can be adapted to different standards
  • Simulated rock areas for learning climbing techniques in a natural environment
  • Belaying platform for teaching multi-pitch belaying techniques
  • Abseiling areas
  • Areas replicating building facades (bricks, cement, window ledges, etc.) for training in urban operations
  • Accessibility for climbers with disabilities and reduced mobility
  • Training area – campus board and/or systems board


Entre-Prises Maggie Dailey Climbing wall

Entre-Prises National Whitewater climbing wall

Entre-Prises Monkey Space


  • Additional Freeform cracks or features to vary climbing styles

Climbing Holds and accessories

  • Do not use fluorescent-coloured holds?out of doors to avoid discolouration
  • Training beams and other apparatus (rings, suspension balls, etc.) for the training area (highly recommended)

Examples of recent projects

  • Jakarta City Climbing Walls, Indonesia

    Leisure, Education, Competition, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Raffles’ Girls School, Singapore

    Education, MOZAIK, Asia

  • Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, Japan

    Competition, MOZAIK, Asia

  • Beijing Sports University, China

    Education, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Youth Olympic Games 2019, Argentina

    Competition, MOZAIK XP

  • Kaiza, China

    Leisure, Asia

  • Hong-Kong Climbing Park

    Sport, MOZAIK, Asia

  • Xi’An Liverpool, China

    Education, MOZAIK, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Clip ‘n Climb Xiamen, China

    Leisure, Asia

  • Fundoland SJZ, China

    Leisure, Asia