Climbing facilities

Brings climbing to everyone!

As a climbing facility, you have amenities wholly dedicated to climbing in all its forms (lead, bouldering and speed), and suitable for all types of climbers (children and adults) irrespective of their aims (leisure or competition) and their standards. You require a high degree of flexibility and versatility so that all types of routes can be set and updated, in order to keep your customers loyal to your climbing gym. Diversity and originality are also key factors in attracting large numbers of climbers. This helps you in accommodating a very varied audience, from beginners or very young climbers to climbing professionals, at events ranging from birthday parties to official competitions organised by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC).

Climber profile

  • Age: Child to Senior
  • Discipline: Leisure, Sport, Competition, Professional
  • Standard: Beginner to Elite

Sport Climbing Recommendations


  • 3 disciplines (lead, bouldering, speed)
  • Varied profile (slab, vertical, overhang, ledges for mantling, etc.) to cater for a range of skill levels and provide a gradual increase in difficulty
  • Training area – campus board and/or system board
  • Reception, rest and viewing areas
  • Wall design offering a high degree of flexibility for route setting
  • Mozaik 3D curves to enable creative wall designs and flexibility for route setting
  • Wide range of features and options to enhance interest for climbers
  • Printed or textured graphics to showcase the facility’s logo
  • Special colours to create imaginative designs and boost visual impact
  • Accessibility for climbers with disabilities and reduced mobility


  • Mozaik walls to increase versatility and flexibility
  • Freeform


  • Freeform crack systems and wood cracks for climbing variety and to serve as an introduction to outdoor climbing
  • Special colours, sculptured graphics and closed edges to create striking designs
  • Additional inserts to increase options for route setting
  • Premium anchor points to reduce the risk of fingers becoming trapped or injured

Other levers for attracting new customers

  • Augmented Climbing Walls: you will attract non-climbers thanks to this extraordinary augmented reality experience and you will convert them to climbing

  • Clip ‘n Climb Challenges: our 36 fun and colorful Challenges will also attract new customers to your gym, in order to turn them into climbers at a later stage

  • MONKEY Space: Our fully modular and innovative training space

Climbing Holds and accessories

  • TRUBLUE auto belays enable solo climbing, and thereby increase entry/subscription numbers – a competitive advantage over other facilities lacking this equipment.
  • Wood and polyester Macros to vary routes and the appearance of the wall, boosting climbers’ motivation and visit frequency.
  • Polyurethane climbing holds, lighter and less vulnerable to breakage than polyester holds.
  • Training beams and other apparatus (rings, suspension balls, etc.) for the training area (highly recommended)


TRUBLUE Maintenance : to be carried out annually.

Standard Sport Climbing Product

Examples of recent projects:

  • Jakarta City Climbing Walls, Indonesia

    Leisure, Education, Competition, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Raffles’ Girls School, Singapore

    Education, MOZAIK, Asia

  • Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, Japan

    Competition, MOZAIK, Asia

  • Beijing Sports University, China

    Education, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Youth Olympic Games 2019, Argentina

    Competition, MOZAIK XP

  • Kaiza, China

    Leisure, Asia