Ever passionate about outdoor activities, Entre-Prises has built on its experience in creating artificial climbing structures to expand into the underground sector, and has developed innovative solutions for caving.

Negotiating narrow passageways, descending shafts, diving into sumps and moving through undulating tunnels is an experience like no other, exhilarating and sometimes daunting. Entre-Prises bespoke caving systems offer a thrilling experience to visitors, who can explore the “unknown” in a safe, controlled environment.

From ultra-realistic caving systems to recreational indoor caves for kids, Entre-Prises offers everyone the chance to explore underground caves, whether for fun or for professional training.

Underground adventures for any type of explorer:

– Kids

Artificial caves are perfect for children. Being more nimble than adults, children can move around easily in all the tunnels and narrow passageways.

– People with disabilities

The caving environment is ideally suited to people with physical and mental disabilities. Their lack of strength in some areas can prove to be a true benefit in this stimulating environment.

– Adults

Adults can explore the tunnels and chambers in complete safety. They will experience the excitement and challenges of caving, without having to confront the potential dangers.

– Training

Caves are suitable for training individuals or groups who need to be trained in rescue or evacuation techniques in confined spaces or areas with restricted access (firefighters, ambulance staff, search and rescue groups).

Exclusive supplier of artificial caves for the British Caving Association (BCA)


“Entre-Prises has introduced a new dimension to caving. By replicating natural caves in the most minute detail, they provide an ideal solution for people to experience caving in a safe, fun and exhilarating environment. “

“Caving delivers fulfilment to users in many different ways. The BCA has introduced thousands of young people to this activity thanks to Entre-Prise artificial caves. Many of them became hooked, and moved on to exploring natural caves. I think this is the finest reward. “

Andy Eavis
British Caving Association