An app designed by and for indoor climbing professionals

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Dedicated to indoor climbing, Ascendo is the first mobile app to link the climber, the route-setter and the gym manager together. Its goal is to provide insightful information for gym managers, as it allows more proximity with clients, better visibility of their gyms and routes and enhanced management and marketing possibilities. Route setters will be finally able to have a feedback and engage more with climbers. It provides information for climbers on their gyms and its route opening, as well as information on performance and trainings.

With Ascendo, each route is equipped with a barcode which is scanned onto the app. Climbers can analyze their trainings and performances. Gym managers have access to logged data on each route and sector, being able to adjust and optimize their gyms. The creation and deletion of routes takes only a few seconds and can be easily integrated in the gym team: Ascendo excels in better connecting managers, route-setters?and climbers – a tested solution for an evolving climbing scene!

Ascendo also creates cutomized alerts to inform climbers of newly opened and closing-soon routes matching their level and allows for sharing experiences on the social networks.

100% free for climbers, the app is available on Android and IOS on its website. For gyms, 3 packs are available as monthly subscription.

Many gyms already adopted Ascendo

  • In France : Climb’ Up (Aix-en-Provence), El Cap (Saint-Herblain), Mur de Lyon (Lyon)
  • In Switzerland?: Bloczone (Givisiez) , Magnet (Niederwangen), Laniac (Bulle), Rocspot
    (Echandens), O’Bloc (Ostermundigen), Totem (Gland), Pilatus Indoor (Root), Grimper
  • In Spain : Climbat La Foixarda (Barcelona)

Visit the website.