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Beijing Sports University

Some of our completed climbing projects

  • Tottori, Japan

    Tottori, Japan


  • Beijing Sports University, China

    Beijing Sports University, China

    Education, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Vermcity, HK

    Vermcity, HK

    Leisure, Sport, MOZAIK, Asia

  • St John Beaumont, UK

    St John Beaumont, UK

    Education, UK

  • Ta Hwa University, Taiwan

    Ta Hwa University, Taiwan

    Education, MOZAIK XP, Asia

  • Youth Olympic Games 2019, Argentina

    Youth Olympic Games 2019, Argentina

    Competition, MOZAIK XP


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Your climbing project in 6 steps


No. 1 – Analysis

We gather all the required information to understand your needs about your project: building plans, pictures of the site, requirements in terms of climbing surface and colors, target public… The aim is to deliver the project that matches to the fullest your needs.


No. 2 – Proposal

Our specialist designers work with our sales teams to identify the most appropriate solutions from the wide range of products we offer, and produce bespoke plans for your project that comply with your specifications as well as with the European safety standard EN 12 572 and our own quality charter.


No. 3 – Engineering

Feasibility and compliance study – standard EN 12572

At this stage, our local project managers will carry out the feasibility study and calculations to ensure that your future facility functions perfectly. Our drafters will deliver the technical drawings in the meantime.


No. 4 – Production

Our Asian production site in China manufactures the climbing equipements for both indoor and outdoor applications. The production process meets strict quality requirements with quality checks along the whole process. This results in safe, top quality artificial climbing structures, with the advantage of proximity for efficient shipment lead times.


No.5 – Installation

Every logistics-related aspect of your project is closely monitored by Entre-Prises, from supplying parts to the full installation of your project by our local assembly team under the guidance of our expert supervisors. Acceptance tests are carried out in accordance with European standard EN 12572. The related certificate of conformity is delivered upon successful tests completion.

No.6 – Maintenance

Once your artificial climbing structure is installed, we strongly recommend to perform not only the routine controls, but also the annual maintenance control. These controls help you to make sure that your structure keeps safe for climbing purposes. Also, they increase its longevity. EP has more than 30 years of experience in maintaining artificial climbing structures over the world.

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